RARE MOMENT/ cactus blooms

As an Asian experiencing the four different seasons (winter,spring, summer & fall) here in Europe, i can say i hate spring for a simple reason – the weather is just unpredictable; it is sunny, cold, windy and sometimes wet. But spring has its biggest consolation for it is also the most colorful of seasons where trees resurrect their ever new green leaves, and flowers start to bloom.

Just take for example this cactus that stood for almost the entire year at the entrance of the university. No one notices it actually not until today, when it burst forth its beauty from within its naturally spiny body. Although i have heard that this rare moment will only last for a day. What a beautiful sight to behold.

In the same manner, most of us do not recognize the beauty of a person not f it shows something different or extra-ordinary and this is a sad reality. The beauty of a person not lies only from what he can do but that he is entirely and by nature good for he comes form within the goodness and absolute beauty of the Creator. Every beauty and good reflects the Creator.

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